Two little girls got ready to go trick or treating. The big JoJo one is Julia and the little Tiger one is Riley. Hey, they're in costume. I thought you might be confused.

Julia decided she needed a "cup of coffee" before she left. That is about 2 drops of coffee and warm milk. She just likes to have it cuz she uses my new little Fiestaware cappucino cups and they are just her size.

"Pweeze, Yaya have coffee?" she asked very sweetly.

While Julia "caffeined up" Riley got into her Tiger mode. Here she stalks a wooden crow that was on the table by the couch.

...and now a pumpkin comes under her feline gaze.

OK, coffee and hunting breaks are over, now it's time to trick or treat...

Kevin talks Julia into taking off her wig. We don't understand what he is talking about yet.

No trick or treat expedition is complete without a little drag-a-long snoopy dog.

AHA. Kevin's evil plot to steal JoJo's wig has emerged. Bad Kevin, Bad, Bad, Kevin.


Ahhh... wasn't that sweet. I'll get up more pictures of the girls playing on Halloween sans costume in the next day or so.

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