The desert in May is great for a picnic. Sure, it's almost 100 but if you drive up to near the top of a mountain it's a quite a bit cooler. So we did. The desert was beautiful. Lots of purples, oranges, yellows and hot pinks from the cactus and other vegetation in bloom. There had been a small burn and even the black branches looked dramatic.

We looked like a Nissan commercial pulling up on the rocks at the picnic spot.

Jessie led the pack up the mountain. Go Cowgirl, Jessie.

Everyone stopped but Chris and Jessie.

Chris and Jessie do a Village People impression on some really high rocks. I ask Steve if our cell phones will work up here in case we need to call 9-1-1.

Chris goes even higher. I dial the "9" but Steve makes me wait.

OK, Chris is fine. We can eat.

Jessie has been working this weekend at Country Thunder. She has coined a new phrase for country music. She is now calling it "Hick Hop".

Steve is a good clean up guy even though his trash bag has a hole in it.

Jim and I make fun of some low carb cookies I have made that taste pretty disgusting.

Steff records her dad recording the moment. Aaaahhhh....

I cannot divulge the entire Kevin wearing a girls shoes story...but you can ask him about it when you see him next.

The day concluded with other activites not recorded on camera including Chris and I poking around in a garbage dump. I did find a few Christmas presents there for some of you so I cannot divulge what I found exactly but I did find a rusty hinge that I brought home to considerable ridicule.

Take me home, please