Jessie and I slaved for long hours making her into a character from the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. Her costume turned out really great and if you don't recognize her as "Sally" we just don't want to hear about it. The dress seemed the least of our worries. The wig took about 8 attempts to get it right and the eyes (even though I got some great tips from all of you) didn't turn out so she had to go with just her everyday, scare-y Jessie eyes. Ladies and gentlemen....I now present to you - SALLY - (REMEMBER TO SAY OOH, AAH)

Momentarily I felt like I created a horrible vision. I was frightened and careful as I offered Sally a sacrificial Pumpkin (this is really Jessie's award winning work-contest pumpkin but the story sounds better the other way)


And off to work she goes in her Sally-Mobile

I'm gonna be honest and say that not all the Halloween costumes turned out so hot this year. Wanna see one that went bad? Yes? Just click HERE NOW !!!

Did you see pictures of Jessie's costume we made last year? NO !!! How can that be ??? Well if you want to see them, just click HERE NOW !!!

And here is one little picture of Jessie's Halloween costume from 2002 !!!


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