I have lots and lots of pictures of baby Riley BUT I haven't gotten them back yet. I sent them to a new developing place and it is taking forever. I wanted to use up the roll in my camera because I need to use it to take some Christmas pictures of Greg and Megan's family tomorrow and there was a partial roll of film in it. Needless to say I got carried away taking pictures of Julia with my Mom and Dad and there was only one shot left for Riley. However, here are a few of the ones from the beginning of the roll. These are Riley at 3 weeks.

...and this is the one I took today, December 18. Stay tuned, though. Those other pictures should be back soon, I hope !!!!

Riley is very smiley and talk-ey already. She is kind of fussy though and seems to have trouble settling down. But isn't she just a little sweetie ?

Take me home, please