Here's a few more pictures from our Prescott picnic. They are from my daughter's digital camera and some of them are pretty funny.

Here's my daughters boyfriend, Chris and I in the car on the way up.

Here's a picture of Kevin's Mom and her friend, John.

This is a cool, cool picture of Chris and my Dad. Chris is telling him to stay off his phone - haha !

...and a happy picture of Steff, Jim and Chris...

...and Kevin and Jessie are off taking pictures of bugs like this preying mantis. You can see it's eyes at the top of the picture which is very neat.

...and me, taking a break and laying on Steve, alias comfy pillow...

That's it. Did you see the first batch of pictures from Sharlott Hall? You didn't. That is sad. You can click HERE to go see them.

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