Chronological Picture Index




February 2011

Julia's B-ball and Mo's hurt finger posted 2-6-11

December 2010

A little visit to downtown Mesa posted 1-1-11

November 2010

Thanksgiving and Riley's 7th Birthday posted 1-21-11

Mo's Thanksgiving Program posted 1-21-11

Riley's last soccer game of the season posted 1-1-11

December 2009

Christmas Day! postes 1-7-10

Becky's Pie Party posted 1-7-10

Making cookies posed 1-7-10

Morgan preschool program posted 1-7-10

Taking presents to Greg and Megans posted 1-7-10

Breakfast with Santa and Snow posted 1-7-10

October 2009

Getting ready for Halloween posted 11-2-09

Morgans preschool Halloween posted 11-2-09

Julia and Rileys school Halloween posted 11-2-09

Halloween Treasure Hunt posted 11-2-09

June 2009

Three little girls on a summer day posted 11-2-09

May 2009

Millersburg, Lehmanns, Smuckers posted 6-4-09

April 2009

Easter posted 8-16-09

Tucson with Chris and Lindsey posted 7-3-09

My Birthday posted 7-3-09

Tom and Kris's Engagement party posted 5-8-09

Lindseys Birthday posted 4-26-09

More Garden pictures! posted 4-5-09

March 2009

Garden posted 3-26-09

Go fast Jim! posted 3-26-09

Making magnets posted 3-24-09

Garden pictures posted 3-23-09

Garden pictures posted 3-13-09

Working at Boyce Thompson posted 3-5-09

Home projects posted 3-3-09

February 2009

Julias Basketball Game posted 2-23-09

Dee, Kerry, Mark, Kay, Steve and Me posted 2-18-09

Random February stuff posted 2-11-09

Rainy days and Sundays posted 2-11-09

January 2009

Julias basketball game posted 4-26-09

December 2008

Making Christmas Gifts posted 3-26-09

Rileys Preschool Christmas program posted 2-16-09

Julias Christmas Gymnastic Program posted 2-16-09

Backyard projects posted 2-11-09

November 2008

Thanksgiving posted 1-28-09

Rileys 5th Birthday Party posted 1-23-09

Riley soccer game with Uncle Joe posted 1-22-09

Morgans new room posted 1-22-09

Rileys last soccer game of the season posted 12-6-08

October 2008

Julias Halloween Parade posted 12-6-08

Trunk or Treat posted 11-17-08

Three little girls hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house posted 10-26-08

August 2008

Taking the girls to San Diego posted 11-1-08

There were five in the bed... posted 10-26-08

July 2008

Road trip to Ohio posted 7-20-08

Roadtrip to Ohio - TWO ! posted 7-25-08

Roadtrip to Ohio - THREE posted 7-30-08

Roadtrip to Ohio - FOUR posted 8-3-08

June 2008

Some garden pictures and Morgans baby cradle posted 6-30-08

May 2008

Julias Cinco de Mayo program posted 6-28-08

Three Reds in a gymnastics program posted 6-28-08

April 2008

Our April Garden posted 4-22-08

Rileys First Soccer Game posted 4-15-08

March 2008

Julia and Riley Cat-in-the Hat, wildflowers, corduroy quilt posted 4-15-08

February 2008

Dee and Kerry posted 2-22-08

January 2008

Just some cute pictures of the Reds posted 5-19-08

Julia doing a dance routine posted 5-13-08

December 2007

Making Christmas cookies posted 3-4-08

Tom's Graduation Party posted 2-21-08

Christmas Blankets I made this year posted 2-18-08

Riley's little kid Birthday Party posted 2-16-08

Ornery little Morgan posted 1-17-08

MG Progressive Christmas dinner posted 1-1-08

December Kindercooks posted 1-1-08

November 2007

Thanksgiving posted 1-22-08

Julias Thanksgiving recital posted 1-22-08

Three Reds a Grandpa and a big tree posted 1-21-08

Riley's Fourth Birthday party - family posted 1-17-08

Veterans Day Parade posted 1-16-08

Pictures Angie took of Reds at playground posted 1-16-08

Ohio ! posted 12-15-07

Julias cooking class posted 12-15-07

Liz's Birthday party posted 12-2-07

October 2007

Picking pumpkins in Grandmas garden posted 12-2-07

October Kinder-cooks posted 12-2-07

Soccer, Barbie car and playground ! posted 10-28-07

Julia's 50's costume for school posted 10-25-07

First Design Charrette posted 10-22-07

September 2007

Pictures of Riley and Morgan posted 10-14-07

Julia at Gymnastics practice ! posted 10-14-07

Kindercooks ! posted 10-8-07

Morgan and Oskie go to the park posted 10-8-07

Riley's First Soccer Game posted 9-11-07

August 2007

Two quilt pictures and Gisella posted 8-20-07

Wilcox, Morgan and making pasta posted 8-7-07

July 2007

Going to Breakfast with the Grands posted 10-12-07

Chris and Lindseys new house posted 8-7-07

Bingo party posted 8-4-07

Amazing aquatic feat posted 7-22-07

June 2007

Morgan turns ONE ! POSTED 7-17-07

Going to the SW Childrens Museum posted 7-1-07

Julia's Fifth Birthday Party posted 6-19-07

Garden Pictures posted 6-19-07

Playing in the irrigation posted 6-6-07

Miss Morgan spends the weekend posted 6-4-07

Miss Morgan and the water bottle posted 6-4-07

May 2007

Reds Gymnastic recital posted 6-5-07

Steve's Birthday posted 6-4-07

Steve and David go to Sedona posted 6-4-07

New Garden pictures Posted 5-14-07

April 2007

Some new garden pictures posted 4-10-07

March 2007

Hanging out with the Reds posted 7-1-07

Putting new walker together posted 7-1-07

Here chick, chick, chick posted 4-10-07

New Houses ! posted 4-10-07

Mostly cranky baby posted 4-10-07

Joe and Judy posted 4-10-07

February 2007

Backyard remodeling posted 2-27-07

Steve's Jeepster posted 2-17-07

Valentine making with the Reds posted 2-17-07

January 2007

Button flowers from Tuesday Club posted 3-1-07

The playground with the Reds and Grace Lamb posted 1-30-06

December 2006

Christmas at Mom and Dads posted 1-30-06

Making Christmas cookies posted 1-29-06

Boating posted 1-29-06

Julia's Preschool Christmas Program posted 1-25-06

Second Tuesday Club posted 1-25-06

Chris's Birthday Flight posted 1-25-06

November 2006

Liz's Birthday Party posted 1-25-06

Megan and Julia (and one picture of Greg) posted 1-25-06

Making Thanksgiving favors posted 12-19-06

Seeing the ostriches posted 12-19-06

Rileys Princess Birthday Party posted 12-19-06

October 2006

Visiting Jim and Steff posted 12-3-06

Schnepf Farms, pages 5, 6 and 7 posted 12-3-06

Schnepf Farms, pages 3 & 4 posted 11-29-06

More Construction Pictures posted 11-26-06

Trick or treating down at Gregs posted 11-26-05

Carving pumpkins with Gramps posted 11-17-06

Schenpf Farms - page 2 posted 11-12-06

Schnepf Farms - page 1 posted 11-9-06

First second Tuesday posted 11-9-06

Home remodeling stuff posted 11-5-06

Bubbles and Reds ! posted 11-5-06

Busy little Reds posted 10-16-06

Miss Morgan at 3 1/2 months ! posted 10-16-06

September 2006

Going to the playground posted 9-29-06

Visit from Sister Helen posted 9-29-06

Angie playing with Reds, Elephant girl posted 9-24-06

Visiting G-pa and G-ma posted 9-24-06

Opening presents from Joan posted 9-24-06

August 2006

Visting Spokane and Lewiston posted 9-14-06

Cousin Rob Visiting posted 9-13-06

My Dad seeing Morgan for the first time posted 8-5-06

July 2006

Morgan taking a bath Posted 8-1-06

Random pictures from July 19 - 23 posted 7-24-06

Meeting Robbye and the Fires in CA posted 7-16-06

Morgan at two weeks old posted 7-13-06

Patrick Cannons visit posted 7-7-06

June 2006

Morgan Page 1 posted 6-30-06

Morgan Page 2 posted 7-4-06

Reds getting a haircut posted 7-4-06

Painting in the toyroom posted 7-4-06

Funky dresser for the Reds toyroom posted 6-21-06

Some backyard pictures posted 6-21-06

Julia's 4th Birthday ! posted 6-20-06

A day at the Reds ! posted 6-7-06

May 2006

Hanging out in the pool ! posted 6-7-06

Cotton Candy Girls posted 5-27-06

Acupuncture Story posted 5-27-06

Seeing Angie, backyard, tree, airshow and bathing beauties posted 5-11-06

April 2006

How do you like to go up in a swing? posted 5-11-06

Visiting the baby doctor posted 4-30-06

March 2006

New babies sonogram visit posted 4-6-06

Jessie's new car, Angie going to Pasadena, tire blowout and meeting Debbie posted 3-15-06

February 2006

Babysitting the Reds ! posted 3-2-06

Last page of Dad and Greg's b-day posted 2-28-06

Third page of Dad and Greg's b-day posted 2-16-06

Second page of Dad and Greg's b-day posted 2-12-06

First page of Dad and Gregs b-day posted 2-8-06

Completed Valentine and Miss Julia with a "bun" posted 2-10-06

Getting ready for Valentine contest posted 2-8-06

January 2006

Megan repairs the pizza oven posted 2-3-06

Getting ready to repair the pizza oven posted 2-2-06

Reds at the Playground posted 1-30-06

Julia Dancing posted 1-28-06

Birthday Bowling posted 1-28-06

Megans Hurry up Birthday posted 1-26-05

New Years Day - visiting Liz posted 1-25-06

Opening presents by the car posted 1-26-06

December 2005

Christmas - page one posted 1-30-06

Main Christmas close ups posted 1-31-06

Christmas - page three posted 2-5-06

Christmas - page four posted 2-5-06

The Reds see the lights at the temple posted 1-25-06

Seeing Santa posted 12-8-05

A quick trip to Spokane posted 12-28-05

November 2005

Thanksgiving, Riley and Ben's Birthdays posted 12-28-05

Jungle Greg ! posted 12-29-05

A Quick trip to Tucson posted 12-29-05

October 2005

Handing out Halloween goodies posted 11-16-05

Jessie's "Emily" Halloween Costume posted 11-6-05

Family Costumes for the Bridal Shower posted 11-6-05

Backyard Remodeling Pictures posted 11-3-05

Silly Halloween Pictures posted 10-30-05

Reds, big tree and Ramada posted 10-20-05

Visiting Prescott posted 10-17-05

Remodeling pictures posted 10-17-05

September 2005

Sams 14th Birthday Party posted 10-4-05

Julia and Riley attend their first story hour posted 10-1-05

Aiden and Ava's Birthday Party 5 pages posted 9-29-05

Goodbye to Father Solomon posted 9-25-05

The Reds riding a pony posted 9-21-05

Looking at Joe Tylers sculptures posted 9-11-05

August 2005

Angies 22nd Birthday Pictures posted 8-20-05

Pool Remodeling Pictures posted 8-18-05

Neighborhood flood pictures posted 8-18-05

Random digital pictures posted 8-5-05

July 2005

Picking up the pizza oven posted 9-18-05

April 2005

Oregon visit, page 1 posted 8-5-05

March 2005

Visiting Inez's farm posted 6-22-05

Easter morning - page one posted 5-30-05

Easter morning - page two posted 5-30-05

Easter morning - page three posted 5-30-05

The Little Girls at the Easter Parade posted 5-17-05

Decorating Easter cookies posted 5-11-05

Decorating Easter Eggs posted 4-24-05

Visiting Schnepf Farms - page two posted 4-15-05

Visiting Schnepf Farms - page one posted 4-14-05

The girls new little blankets posted 4-11-05

February 2005

Dad's Birthday Party - page 1 posted 3-30-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 2 posted 4-1-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 3 posted 4-4-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 4 posted 4-5-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 5 posted 4-6-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 6 posted 4-8-05

Dad's Birthday Party - page 7 posted 4-11-05

Julia and Riley play with Taras and Steven's kids posted 3-13-05

New Refrigerator posted 2-24-05

Greg's Birthday

January 2005

Megan and Kevin's Birthday posted 3-5-05

Mom and Jessies Birthday posted 3-9-05

Arizona Flooding

Greg and Megans new house

December 2004

Final Christmas Pictures posted 3-31-05

Christmas Wagon posted 2-24-05

Babysitting the Little Girls posted 2-24-05

Christmas Page 1

Christmas at Mom and Dads posted 2-26-05

Addressing Christmas Cards

November 2004

Julia finds the bathroom cupboard

Judy's 50th Birthday Tea

Rileys 1st Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Riley's First Birthday and Thanksgiving

October 2004

Goodbye to Jim and Steff

Little Girls Costumes

Jessie's Sally Costume - yikes

Failed Halloween Costume

Julia carves a pumpkin with Grandpa

Jessie's Breast Cancer 3-day Walk

Visiting Ohio

Page one

Page two

Page three

Page four

Page five

Page six

Page seven

Page eight - a

Page eight - b

Page nine posted 2-26-05

Carving Pumpkins

September 2004

Julia gets a bawance Bean

August 2004

Chris moves to his new apartment - waaaa

July 2004

4th of July

Birth of the Beardies

Julia is caught in a Sandstorm

Steffs Birthday Picnic in Prescott

Steffs Prescott Picnic Page two

June 2004

Julia Turns Two - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Random Julia and Riley pictures

May 2004

Desert Picnic

Little girls

Mothers Day Tea

Greg and Megans new house - lot

April 2004

Easter Page One

Easter Page Two

Easter Egg Hunt

Decorating eggs and cookies

February 2004

Groundhogs Day - Page one

Groundhogs Day - Page two

Taking Julia to see the flowers

January 2004

Kevins Birthday Experience

Fiesta Bowl

Jessie and Kevins Engagement - NOT

Jessie and Mom's Birthday

Uncle Joe and Aunt Judy visit

December 2003

Christmas at Mom and Dads

Christmas from G and M's camera

Julia at 18 months

Julia at 18 months

Riley at 1 month

November 2003

Riley's Birth - November 24

Riley newborn pictures

Putting Gregs Yard in

Deskmaking fun

October 2003

Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Page one

Page two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Cat in the Hat - Halloween

Family Get Together

Getting Ready for the New Baby

Julia helps with a garage sale - 16 months

Julia at 16 months

Julias Halloween

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Festival

September 2003

Julia playing basketball, 15 months

Julia at 15 months

August 2003

Julia at 14 months

June 2003

Bathroom remodeling

May 2003

Julia at 11 months

April 2003

Easter introduction

Easter Page One

Easter Page Two

December 2002

Julias first Christmas


Random Project pictures

Cool Baby scrapbook