No pictures from the meatpacking plant/aka candle place cuz I forgot my camera. When we ran to Walmart, though, I ran into my cousin Towanna and her husband, Randy...

Here is the group outside Wilm's nursery. I put bought pictures up cuz Judy is looking away in the first one. I think you know from other pictures who everyone is, but just in case you don't - in the very front row with the red shirt and denim jacket is my friend, Joan - to her right (and also in a red shirt) is Terri's sister, Carolyn, and to the far right in the dark sweater is Terri. Right behind Joan and to the left and in a white shirt is Linda with Judy (in the orange shirt) in the middle and Sue in the white shirt on the left, behind Terri. Far back left is Carrie and My head is peering over everyones. Was this possibly the most confusing picture explanation ever? Oh well....

The inside of Wilm's nursery with Sue and Joan in a deep, metaphysical discussion. Drat, I wish I had my good camera - these pictures are horrible.

Here Sue, Judy, Linda and Carrie look around at all the Christmas treasures.

This horrible picture is the quilted ceiling I was telling you about.

Here Carrie is mesmerized by all the Christmas goodies.

Judy and Linda examining more primitive and country decor items.

This is my entryway decorated with the trees and wreath I brought home and using the idea for tin foil ribbon. It looks really cool at night with votives flickering and will always remind me of that special shopping trip.

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