I am getting ready to do my 14 month Julia scrapbook page and found these pictures that I thought were very cute so I thought I would share.

Here's Julia in a blue tube that Greg brought home.

She is irritated at me because she is ready to go to the playground and I am taking too long to find my shoes - a trait that haunts me wherever I go.

Here is a happy Daddy and little girl. See the famous "doddy" in the background on the chair?

Getting in the car seat is always serious business. She is probably waiting for her pretzel stick.

I love these pj's on her.

Here is her little, curly top-knot that her hair has been doing naturally lately. This is her second favorite stuffed toy "baaaaa".

I know I should say something clever about having big shoes to fill, but c'mon. These are Greg's monster shoes and it would be impossible. She can't even move with them on - they are so big and so heavy.

Take me home, please.