My first ever Halloween Treasure Hunt. This was fun! I think I might try to do this for Christmas presents!

Here was the little Treasure hunt rhyme.

Dear little Granddaughters, it’s Halloween day
Grandpa and I have some treats for you
But you’ll have to find them – HOORAY!

Where do you sleep when you spend the night
Find a prize here and don’t get a fright!!!!!

Where do you put a letter to mail?
Find a treat here go faster then a snail

When it is hot and you come over to play
Where do you cool off on a sunny hot day?

This is in a box and also at the beach
Find a treat here because you are a peach

What do we ride in when we go in the alley
Find a treat here unless your name is Sally

This is a jar where we keep different candy
Go look there now! Because you are all dandy!

The game is all over the treats you have seen
Remember we love you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN !

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