I am the "Teaching Cook" for Julia's kindergarten class this year. Steve was my "helper" and he did a great job with sous chef details as well as photography.... hey, he's a multi-tasker. This is our "recipe"

Mrs. Harding’s Kinder-Cooks !

September Recipe – Shake ‘n Freeze Ice Cream

For each serving you will need:

1 pint-size Ziploc plastic bag
1 gallon-size Ziploc plastic bag
½ cup milk or half and half
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of sugar
About six cups of ice cubes
12 water softener pellets

Fill small zip-loc bag with milk, vanilla and sugar. Seal well.

Fill large zip-loc bag with ice cubes and water softener pellets.

Put small bag inside the large ice-filled bag, squeeze out the air and seal.

Gently squeeze and shake iced filled bag for five minutes.

Remove small bag from ice, wipe off and eat right out of the bag !

Note: You can also make a type of “sherbert” by using fruit juice instead of milk. Pineapple juice works very well. No need to add vanilla or sugar to the juice.

I had planned to read them Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop but the noise of all the ice shaking was wayyy too loud.