Almost as good as meeting Helen.... we got to meet Helen's son, Patrick....and what a neat and wonderful guy he is !

When I saw him he held out his hand to shake my hand and I said "oh heck with that" and gave him a big hug.... then I gave him another big hug from his Mom and then a third hug from all you Chickberries. He was laughing and said I was just like his Mom (which I took as a wonderful compliment)

Because of a late take off from NC and lots of thunderheads in our area he got in later then expected and had no time to go out to eat or anything so we simply picked him up at the base to drive him to his hotel. There are two movies being filmed at the airport l(to read about that, click here) so drove around the airport and looked at the sets. I remembered to pat his head from his Mom, too !


He and Steve just talked away like old friends.... I just didn't get many pictures cuz I was too excited....

.... we dropped him at is hotel and he had a meeting in several minutes with his flight crew.... but you can see how sweet he is (and this is my bad impression of a chinese woman.... sigh)

What a neat short visit... he said he will come back again with his Mom so I'm gonna hold him to that !

take me home, please