I've been a bad friend. I haven't given you a garden tour in ages.... so here we go.... look how the gourds are covering the masonry ladders. I am going to use this type of trellissing extensively next spring instead of nasty old shade cloth. I think armenian cucumbers will create the mottled shade I need to cool the tomatoes and peppers.... but we'll see.

Baby gourds.... awwww....

The every prolific herb garden. All the thyme plants are in the rose garden, though. I have been picking and drying tons of herbs hoping to make a seasoning blend.... something to play with later, though.

This corn is done. It remains only to create shade on the tomatoes.

Roses, sunflowers, thyme and watermelon.

Awww.... see the baby watermelons?

This baby is cute but you have to search to find it. I think there are probably over 20 melons on these vines right now with more setting in the heat.

Do you need a drink of water or can we go to the next page ?