Our first real irrigation. However, we ordered three times too much water and it is pretty much a flood back there. If you're worried about us letting the Grandbabies swim in it, don't worry. Here's where the water comes from:

Where does the water come from?
SRP brings water from the high country to the desert below through a complex system of dams, lakes, canals, laterals, ditches, pipes and valves.

Most of your water originates as rain or snow in the mountains. The SRP watershed is a 13,000-square-mile area draining into the Salt and Verde rivers. The watershed extends from the White Mountains near the New Mexico border to the Seligman area in north central Arizona.

The runoff from the watershed is collected in six reservoirs: four on the Salt River and two on the Verde River.

SRP's system also includes about 250 groundwater deep-wells throughout the Valley that help us meet shareholders' needs.

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