Garden pictures from this afternoon - May 14th. Here is what I picked from the garden for dinner. Technically the flowers are not for dinner but I just picked them, too. There is heirloom leaf lettuce, two kinds of cucumbers, our first tomato, three kinds of baby beets and the last of the broccoli.

The plants that we thought all died in the frost.

Chris and Steve hung my rusty grate... the inset is around the corner. I like it. It's cool. And the crazy growing asparagus, too.

Corn and shade cloth over tomato plants.

This is the masonry ladders for the gourds to climb on.

The asparagus just doesn't want to stop growing this year.

Cosmos, cucumbers, glads, nasturtiums, sunflowers, peas and beans.

Potatoes in the foreground.

The girls garden looking toward the shadeclothed tomatoes.

Sweet peas.

Sweet peas twining in the pepper plants.

Rotten picture but look how many tomatoes are on the plants !

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