Here's some pictures of the bathroom project. A while back the carpet around the shower was wet all the time. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. My Dad said we needed to call our insurance guy because if it was a leak in the slab of the house it would be covered by insurance. Well, it was and they had to tear a hole in the wall and tear up the shower pan to repair it. So they settled with us and wrote a check for 4,600 jointly to the contractor and us but we were working on Steff's wedding stuff and didn't want the confusion and noise and then with Steve working at home we just kept post-poning it. Finally we realized the check would expire in about 6 weeks so we figured we better get going. I don't have any before, before pictures but here is where we started.

Me surveying the lovely mess with the carpet up.

Here you can see the reflection off the knock-your-eyes out paint on the bathroom atrium wall. With the new tile, though, I may paint it grape purple. We'll have to wait and see.

Here's Steve surveying the present destruction - doesn't he look happy? Actually, he was smiling when I took the picture but I told him to look disgusted.

New tile. Isn't it pretty? Goofy picture of tired me, though.

After a day of 3 demolition and rebuild guys PLUS 2 tile guys measurin and calculating PLUS the general contractor here is what it looks like:

Now we are waiting for the tile to come in and then they'll finish this part up. We have to figure out the shower doors, too, but fixing the AC cut into the reserved insurance check (we get it when the repairs are all done) so we may have to wait a bit before we do that.

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