Aren't you sorry I ever learned how to download pictures from Steve's camera? ha! Here is my little leaf and gravel offering on the wall left by Riley and Morgan.

Look! Two pillars are painted AND 1/2 of the glass embellishment is painted in the new color!

These are some trash found metal leaves. I am going to mount them around this window. I'll show you when it's done.

Ummm.... can you say psycho garden?

And out of control roses.

This is just one bunch of roses on the Mother of Pearl rosebush. One bunch is a full bouquet.

A foraging weiner dog. Acccckkk!

The beginning of the new sidewalk under the gourd ramada. These are rooftiles I had piled up in the garage from when the house was built.

Heliotrope. My favorite, favorite, favorite garden flower. Amazingly fragrant and that color of purple is just astonishing.

So.... did you know if you pick out the center blossom from the pepper plant it forces multiple flowers around the perimeter and increases your pepper yield dramatically.

My first dahlia blossom setting. I forget what color this is cuz I threw the tags away so I would be surprised. This was planted from a tuber - not a plant.

This corner is going to have an iron "cage" over it so I can plant a vine on it. Stay tuned.

These pillars are in the process of having an iron frame with a garden sail on top. Stay tuned.

This door is going to be stained today - no matter what!!!! And I really mean it this time.

Take me home, please