The important thing with any home improvement project is to dress tastefully. I am wearing my buffalo socks from Beth, my painted/stained up purple crocs and baggy shorts. You can't tell but my legs are shaved - always important in pictures such as these.

This is something that is done. table and chairs painted and recovered, window stained and varnished.

...and now off to the garden. First we will go into the side yard. This sign is lying because there is only sage in the herb garden but I will consider planting parsley, rosemary and thyme in there so no-one will be disappointed - ever.

This is my first dahlia coming up. Woo hoo. I am excited about these.

See, there is sage right behind that pink flower on the left. There is also lavender, artemesia, heliotrope, snapdragons and other stuff.

Nasturtiums. I love these.

A pretty purple cabbage.

Peas in bloom.

Cilantro out of control. There is a teeny, tiny cherry tomato plant squished in between them, but it seems happy there.

Random garden plants.

Volunteer sunflowers are growing up everywhere. I'm excited about that.

Beets, badly in need of thinning.

We haven't run all the drip lines yet so I'm cheating and using the overhead sprinkler instead.

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