The backyard continues. I am still playing with paint colors for my accent wall. The windows are cut into the old backyard, they are wood and iron.

Ta Da ! I am very, very proud of myself. I made this firepit totally by myself.... except for Chris and Steve put the cement fire bowl in the middle. I did everything else. I think it looks really cool. The pavers will overlap the top edge slightly when they are laid just like the loose one I dragged over and put there for effect.

The huge mess that is the construction zone. The rose garden (to the left) has overflow holes in case of the retention basin filling up.... the round pipe toward the back left of that garden leads to the retention pipes underground. There are only three pillars up for the new ramada so it's a bit hard to imagine. There will be two more pine trees to the left as well as an ash tree in the foreground.

This is the new gate leading to our alley. Behind the wall behind the truck is the part of the lot we lost, that's where the big cement pad was originally. There will be thee trees in this picture, left, middle and right.

Construction zone again. My big garden is toward the back right.... the cement colored wall right above that is where the neighbors gate was torn out.

The roses look terrible and are in the process of loosing all their leaves.... they are bare root.

The technicolor wall.... I am leaning toward the peacock blue on the far left but I'm going to paint it totally around one of the windows and then look at it again.

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