Rainy days and Sundays make for perfect little road trips.

The air is fresh and filled with the elusive scent of creosote. The pavement is newly washed, dark and inviting. Coffee steams in travel mugs scenting the car with warmth and richness. Small adventures beckon.

When you have a perfect traveling companion with a warm hand to hold yours and kind, blue eyes willing to pay attention to what you want to say things are amazing.

Magnificent clouds all around, ligthening striking the matte black mountains silhouetted on the horizon, the patter of rain and hail on the sunroof.

Our meanderings took us to our eventual goal, an errand in North Scottsdale in a fantastic development called Troon which cascades out from mysterious Troon mountain.


We went to a few open houses. Ummm... wow. I guess two million dollars does buy a lot of nice. You sure can't tell what lies behind some of these walls, stone terraces opening to amazing views and edged by infinity pools, outside fireplaces, kitchens bigger then our house. Sadly my traveling companion would not purchase one for me (but he's still sweet anyway)

I am still happy even though Steve will not buy me a 2 million dollar souvenier of our little road trip.

Ahhh...rainy days and Sundays always make me happy.

Take me home, please